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Gain clarity in growing your business with peace, passion, purpose, and profit! As business owners, we know how easy it is to get caught up in day-to-day activities, losing sight of what matters most in growing our business.

That’s why we’ve created a Business Builder Call! Join us once a month for a 60-minute free training and live Q&A for like-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to grow.


Women entrepreneurs just like you who are busy balancing life and business alongside each other. More specifically, you’re…

  • Eager to learn new skills for your business
  • Passionate and ready to live out your purpose in a profitable way
  • Craving to align your business and life in a way that gives you the freedom you need to excel in both
  • Seeking a community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Ready to gain clarity in who you serve and how you continually serve them

Client Love...

"Elevate5 is a combination of gifted, creative, genuine, artists that can bring your dreams to life! They honor your passion while clarifying your calling through a unique process."

Gretchen Stevenson, Gretchen Stevenson Ministries

JoDee Turner


JoDee Turner, Elevate5 Co-CEO

JoDee is a skilled creative and strategic brand developer. She leads with over 20 years of formulating concepts, crafting, and creating visuals that grow brands both digitally and in print for clients of ranging industries, organizations, and sizes.

JoDee’s formal training in design and communication strategy aid her in developing cutting-edge brand concepts for top corporations looking to break through, restructure, and redefine expectations in their industry. A task left to the few with the ability to balance both the linear and non-linear, developing results that are, well, damn creative.


Cara Christenson, Elevate5 Co-CEO

Cara brings the valuable and unique parallel perspective of both developer and designer to each client she advises. While working from a deep technical understanding, she is also able to lead projects to ensure premium design, branding, and UI/UX considerations.

With nearly 15 years of technical design and development experience, she backs those years with the formal design and theory training needed to execute the industry-leading, trend-setting work required to set a brand apart. Her strength is learning the challenges and needs of the project and achieving highly successful project outcomes that grow a brand.

Cara Christenson

What People are Saying...

"Our business is small, but with the new site, we have the ability to grow — and we already see growth! The team was easy to communicate with and made the entire process feel 'all-inclusive,' which I really loved."

Tyler Piekarz, Spring Cut

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  • Master your online presence
  • Create messaging that connects and converts
  • Attract your dream clients with a client attraction series
  • Execute key steps to a successful launch
  • Effectively leverage email marketing
  • How to make the most of in-person networking with your online presence
  • Have your website authentically convert as your face-to-face enrollment conversations do
  • Gain clarity in your business model
  • Create a successful marketing calendar
  • Identify your business story and master your messaging
  • Distinguish your target market
  • Scaling your business intelligently so that it aligns with your lifestyle

Client Praise...

"JoDee completely transformed my way of thinking and looking at my business, and what I have to offer to my clients. Truly Transformational! You captured my personality and put into words what was in my brain!"

Melissa Berg, Melissa Berg Wellness


Schedule us in for the third Tuesday of the month at 2:00pm Mountain Time. We can’t wait for you to join us! Here are some upcoming dates of our Business Builder Calls.

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